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The examination of conscience is part of a process in which we examine our lives, our behaviors, our actions, our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings, our mind, and our heart.

We share with you this treasure that we have available to grow spiritually: the examination of conscience of Blessed Luis María Monti.

These are 13 questions that Blessed Monti used to examine himself and grow as a child of God.

We hope that it can serve so that every day you can review yourself and be closer to the Lord, following in the footsteps of Father Monti.


Go ahead!



  1. How do you behave with humility?
  2. How do you live Charity?
  3. How do you find purity?
  4. How are you doing with obedience?
  5. How do you meet poverty?
  6. How do you behave with uniformity to the Will of God?
  7. How do you fulfill your acts of Piety?
  8. How are you doing with the examination of conscience, especially the particular one?
  9. In perfection, do you go forward or backward?
  10. How do you practice silence?
  11. How many times a day do you have your private communion?
  12. Are your breathing and actions all for the greater glory of God?
  13. How many ejaculations do you use in the day?

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